Why not every country does the egg hunting on Easter.

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Happy Easter to you and your family!

What a beautiful holiday it is and a great chance for families to get together and for children to go on a egg hunt or other exciting activities. In every country, there are different traditions to celebrate Easter, in some they are more fascinating and history-oriented than in others.
For example, in my motherland Russia, Easter is the second important celebration of the year after New Year and Christmas(note, it is the right consequence) . It holds so much beautiful history that travels all the way back to the end of the 10th century! We do colored eggs(real chicken eggs hard-boiled and dyed in various color instances-red is mostly predominant- to give them that pretty look, then we might also let children to decorate for a nice finish). These eggs serve two purposes. First, they are very pretty to decorate the house during the holiday. The main reason though is to play a traditional game when two players hold eggs, then hit them against each other. Whoever’s egg survived is a winner. The loser with an cracked shell has to eat his( too bad if you are not fond of boiled eggs!). The winner is believed to receive a good luck.

easter eggs

We bake a special savory bread that is called Paskha(which is literally translated as Easter) which also known as Kulich.

As you might have noticed, there are no signs for any chocolate eggs, bunnies or anything else sweet. That doesn’t mean our children are not to have any treats on Easter, it simply is not among the traditions.

Just like Christmas, Easter is the day of abundant food.The morning starts from visiting neighbors and family and giving away Easter eggs. And, of course, the old Russian tradition of Easter is to send and deliver gifts to poor families, relatives and strangers, orphanages, hospitals and prisons.

While the egg hunting and candy consuming is norm in Western countries such as Australia or USA, it might look odd to an outsider. Every country practices its own unique celebrations. Nevertheless, we brought up following different traditions, the main belief -and you would agree with me on that-that rabbits and eggs symbolize fertility and rebirth is what therefore makes us mix so well together.