How to turn a boring walk into an exciting excursion-in your own backyard.

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What a blessed year it has been..blessed living in Paradise…literally..The Paradise Point of the Gold Coast, the place that totally lives up to its name. Every morning in our household is a walk time, it is a habit turned into a family tradition.Just the three of us: mum, son and their dog.

The Spring  has officially arrived with the mornings being nothing less than magical, as the summer heat and humidity aren’t here yet.. When you get outside way before the usual work-school traffic buzz, it feels like you have the whole planet to yourself.

Yesterday was like any other day.. The sunshine was in a full swing when we left the house  and a mild spring temperature promised a lovely breezy day ahead.. First thing I noticed: the water was incredibly clear- it was a good sign. 20160924_123805-a

So clear you could see the sun reflecting in it… Magical! 20160926_082804-a

The sunshine and sea breeze feel naturally relaxing, they are a part of my daily routine -that is the beauty of living on a sunny coast.

There was nothing special about our walk yesterday, except for one thing- we didn’t stop where we usually would…instead we kept walking..way and far beyond our regular point.. just to find there was no end of the end.. The beach line looked endless.How could we not notice that before???


There is more to the beach than the water and sand. There is a native beauty that can be found where no one is looking.. native trees, birds, water plants and even mud. My favorite tree in Australia- the mangrove that is called a “tree that walks”. It literally looks like it walks out of water and makes its way to a nice shady spot. Just check those feet(the tree I am talking about).Pure magic!


Our dog thinks the red sea grass looks amazing but…creepy.


Sometimes among the dry sandy deserted bush land you will meet a little miracle- a young green sprout that has given all it had to break through adversity and survive equally. Australian flora is so diverse, it surprises you everywhere you look.


It is in a human being power to turn routinely boring things that we do every day into something exciting, adventurous.. Simply becoming a tourist in your own town for a day or just a couple of hours will make you look at those boring things from a different perspective.

So next time you go for your daily walk or run -stop,pause,breathe and go exploring.Let’s see what you can find  in your backyard?


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