6 great reasons you want to invest in Blackout Blinds.

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Baby sleeping and napping are the most talked about and searched topics. We all want our babies and older children to take longer unbroken sleep, right? Better your child sleeps, better his mood will be. Simple. It has been proven that bubs who nap well during daytime, tend to have well night sleeps too. Doesn’t this sound magical? There are a few essential baby products you will have to invest in but there is one gear that seems to be overlooked or deemed inessential. Really? Did you know that one of the major sleep hormones, Melatonin is only secreted during darkness, and this is the hormone that helps to get to sleep and to stay asleep?  We don’t like to sleep in a noisy room-neither do babies.We find it hard to fall asleep in a well-lite room-babies do too!  This is when a set of Blackout Blinds come very handy. Unless you have a child that sleeps,eats and poops like in the “Your baby routine”book(then you are very lucky, so much savings on stuff that majority of us,frustrated mums end up buying!), trust me you will soon be looking for solutions.

Here are 6 great reasons why you will want to invest in Blackout Blinds:

  1. Amazing light blockage that can work wonders. Made with Premium Blackout material. Excellent for those annoying daylight saving periods in your region. Arrggh !! My son was 2 when we moved to Sydney, that was when I first experienced the daylight savings nightmare (after having a child).To tell that I wasn’t impressed is to say nothing at all.  I can not even describe how terrified I felt every time we had to adjust our clock! My toddler and sleep didn’t match well in the best of times so I had to look for various ways to keep him in his room. Now, I didn’t know the Blackout Blinds even existed, did I? Because no one wrote a blog about them like the one you are reading right now.
  2. No installation required and they can fit to any window(could be some weird exceptions of course)- you just buy a size you think you might use best and if needed, cut it to your desire. The only tool you will need is scissors. Suction cups typically provided in a kit, attach to a glass easily,therefore can be removed the same way without leaving  visible marks-a huge plus for when you live away from home.
  3. They are 100% PORTABLE! That is the exact reason why this product landed in My Store! Take them anywhere with you: family holidays, short trips,weekend getaways, sleep overs or  long-term travels. In unfamiliar surroundings your baby will ( this is guaranteed as I have traveled enough with my son!) find it difficult to settle instantly into a peaceful rest.
  4. These blinds guarantee the complete blackout in the room that no dark curtains can offer.They stick to the actual window glass itself, there is no chance for a single sunbeam to sneak through whereas curtains look great as a decoration and for little added darkness.Imagine that- no more annoying creeping light in the morning!
  5. The outer side of the blinds is heat reflecting- that makes them perfect for Australian climate. Or any tropical destination that you plan to take your family to.So the result is they keep the room cooler in summer and warmer in winter.
  6. No hanging parts- totally baby-proof. What would you pay for a peace of mind?

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