How to survive a flight with a baby

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Do you think your travel life is over once you became a parent ? Not so!

If you ask me, it doesn’t really matter whether you are a first-time mum or a serial traveler, I can almost guarantee- you are going to stress even thinking of traveling with a baby or a young child for the first time.. And I can almost guarantee that all this horrible thinking is nothing but your imagination.. and a waste of time. You will be totally FINE!

For me, first time happened when my son just three months old. And guess what..? He had so much fun and an ice cream! What..??? A baby eating an ice cream??  Well.. yeah,call me a bad mother but the flight attendants gave everyone on board a free ice cream including my kiddo. Well, thought I, it really was a special occasion so why not make it fun? Needless to say,only a couple of hours ago I was freaking out, frantically packing “all” baby necessities into his brand new nappy backpack. Did I pack it all, you ask? Ha, yes all and above. So here I am going to share with you a few simple steps of surviving the flight with your baby.

Hold on tight. We are going to start with some packing tips.

my little bundle of joy is all snuggled up and cosy in between our seats

1. Double check with your airline for a baby baggage allowance, especially if it’s an overseas trip. Good airlines realize that babies don’t come for free and actually need more stuff than we do.So do yourself a favor and invest in a good nappy bag. Then stock it WELL. Most airlines will let you bring your own handbag alongside so you can organize your personal belongings a bit better.

2. Restriction on liquids is something you need to be aware of. Don’t take the whole bottle of a baby bum cream as it most probably will end up in a bin. You are only allowed a small 100 mls container. Save yourself time and have it ready in a clear plastic bag to display at security checking in. Again, regulations do change, so plan ahead and get well informed. These restrictions don’t apply for your baby food or milk.

3. Take extra baby stuff in case of emergencies and flight delays. They most probably are not going to happen but please do save yourself a headache! Those items you can pack away in your check-in language before boarding-no need to carry doubles!

4. Your most important LIST-carry-on baby lagguage:

  • Wet wipes-absolutely essential
  • Nappies-bamboo disposables are best option in this case
  • A dummy and a spare
  • Baby’s sheet or favourite blankie, the smell is familiar and comforting
  • Muslin wraps and Muslin wipes- best things ever invented! Great for:swaddling to sleep, comforting with the familiar smell, using as a cover if you breastfeed, wiping etc
  • A favourite toy and a new one-something new is always entertaining
  • Spare clothes for spills and a couple of bibs for feeding and burping
  • Formula, milk or solids-whatever stage your baby is at

Optional if needed: a baby spoon if on solids, a baby book, nappy sacks and a Baby Shusher(after all, we all need a good sleep!). Keep in mind that food and beverages are available for young children on board.

 What you will need to remember:

1. Look after yourself well. There will be a few germs on board. Follow your regular hygiene,use antibacterial wipes for yourself and everything around and your bub.

2. Once on board, you can start organizing your belongings,keep everything for the bub within your reach.

3. Ask for help when needed! People generally love babies, just not the ones that cry all through the flight so make sure it’s not yours-keep him well entertained or snuggled to sleep.

4. Breastfeed or bottle-feed your little cherub on take off and landing, this will generally distract him from the uncomfortable ear popping.

5. If it’s a long journey,choose an overnight flight that won’t interfere with your baby’s routine.

Most important point is coming right now….Wait for it…

                                                          HAVE FUN!

    We’ve arrived. Hello Gold Coast!







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