How and why travel can change your child’s life

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Just like any parent, from time to time you probably wonder what exactly and how well your children learn while at school and if they get enough information to be exposed to different cultures and ways of life, without leaving a class room. My answer is No,not enough.  Learning offers many beneficial aspects to your child’s development but without an appropriate exposure to the practical side of studied subjects, those important connections will not be stored in a brain purposefully. The best example of such learning is a foreign language. Do you remember yourself at school trying to memories those weird words and writings? Did you do it out of your own curiosity or simply to get your teacher off your back to pass a test?

How else can our children understand the world in a broader sense? It’s statistically proven that well-traveled children have a better sense of humanity and empathy in general. When you buy something for your kids abroad, even if it is a simple every day dress or a beach towel, to them that piece represents a lasting connection to a vacation they won’t forget.

Family vacations can provide educational experiences for children simply because there will be a foreign language spoken, perhaps even with a local dialect,a great variety in cuisine, zoos and bird parks trips, museums, galleries as well as festivals or celebrations that are particular for a chosen destination.

Many parents are afraid to take young offsprings on a trip to a different country..They are afraid that kids will not be able to handle unknown foods, long flights or countless accommodations. In fact, when kids are taken out of their comfort zone,it provides them with opportunity to switch on their curiosity and as a consequence, become more flexible adults. Many parents are afraid they can not afford a family trip or will spend too much money. My advise:there are various resources available online that are designed to assist families specifically those who travel with young children. The aim is to provide a family with the most suited trip plan whether it is for a short vacation or a multi-year travel. Details such as economical needs and childrens’ schedule will be tailored to meet a family’s certain expectations.


*Our recent USA trip. My son is in a Licensed Merchandise shop at Universal Studios Hollywood.


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