Hands Free or why Baby Nappy Backpacks are the best

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You are a parent and you are busy. Being on the go with your baby day in day out, you probably already have a pretty good idea on how your baby’s nappy bag can get seriously heavy.Trying to carry a bag on one shoulder or in one hand gets pretty tiresome. Have you noticed that when you hang a bulky bag over a pram or a stroller, for some reason they tend to tip over? It is inconvenient, I know.

That’s why backpack nappy bags are simply the best. They help you to keep your hands free when you need them most( hands that is),so you can easily juggle things( and your bub) around.

If you are an active mum like myself, then I perfectly understand your frustration..juggling shopping bags and a nappy bag while holding your baby is not an easy task.With my son, I had a very convenient black heavy duty nappy backpack that I loved dearly. It served a perfect life especially during our travels. The only problem, it wasn’t as multi-functional as some bags these days. I still had to use those yucky changing stations in public toilets and always struggled to find a safe place to put him down when my hands needed a break.

Let’s see in which situations a backpack can save your life:
  • Shopping with a baby..or two..or three?
  • Visiting friends and family or doing picnics
  • Attending mothers groups
  • Going on holidays
  • Walking up or down the steps
  • Loading and unloading your baby into a car,pram,stroller
  • Performing an unexpected Cha-Cha when you hear your favorite song
  • Eating an ice-cream and high-five-ing your friends mums
  • Picking your toddler off the floor that is throwing a tantrum in the middle of a busy shop
  • Pushing your way through to an elevator in a high building because you don’t feel like walking up or down the steps with a baby in your arms

…Ok, so they are just a few examples but you see the point,right? By now you should be pretty convinced that you do need a backpack nappy bag. Life just gets so much easier when your hands are free and you still carry baby gear.

The problem with traditional bags which you would normally wear on one of your shoulders, is that the weight doesn’t distribute equally, you might end up with a very sore arm or back. Does a backpack nappy bag look like a better option to you now?

What to look for when buying a backpack nappy bag: 

Congratulations and welcome to the family of backpack baby bags lovers! Before you start searching Google to buy one and once you got it, stuff it with baby things,there are few points you need to consider. Backpack Bags are all different, although offer similar features and functionality. But you do want to best one for you and your bub,right?

Firstly, remember why you are buying it: distributing the weight across your back will help you prevent any future back pain or shoulder injury plus using its the functionality and convenience.

Material: Most nappy bags are made from a heavy-duty material that contributes to the bag’s lifetime. Whether it is Nylon, Polyester, Canvas or Oxford Cloth,avoid those that feel heavy without even adding your own load to the weight. Make sure the inside is lined with a waterproof lining, instead of a pretty but completely useless cotton fabric.

Outside Pockets: They are a great feature as you might keep some baby items out of the bag to access them quickly. They should be designed closer to your straps for a quicker reach and less damage to your back.
Changing Mat: Surprisingly,not all bags offer those but believe me, they are proven to be very useful while on the go. If they have their own pocket space in the bag, that is even better. You don’t want to stuff a mat inside the bag with all other items and then never be able to find it when you need it fast.
Adjustable straps with a shoulder pad: Yes, for your own comfort, you should be able to adjust the length. The pad on a shoulder strap prevents it from digging into your skin causing pain.
The size of the backpack: Well, let’s face it. Unless you need a kitchen sink with you on vacation, do not pick a bag that is too bulky. Aim for the minimum stuff to carry-only essentials.
Here is our pick: The best convertible backpack nappy bag:
HAPPY NAPPY BABY TRAVEL BAG – the only nappy bag that converts from a simple bag into a Portable changing station or a snooze bed plus a portable booster seat -Making your family travel easier.
  • Wear it two ways: as a messenger bag or a backpack
  • Extremely light-weight Non-Toxic Waterproof Oxford Cloth Material
  • Great for trips,travels,visits,play dates,shopping,dining and more!
  • Good space for all baby essentials(remember, you don’t need a kitchen sink)
  • Pockets on both sides
  • Changing mat
  • 5-point-security straps when in a booster seat position

Check the bag here: The Best Baby Nappy Bag

I hope you enjoyed the reading. Sharing and comments are most welcome!





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